Transporting Your Wedding Dress for your Wedding in Malta

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Transporting Your Wedding Dress for your Wedding in Malta

Irish couples that are planning a destination wedding in Malta will realise after some brief research that the only option to fly there direct is via Ryanair. Typically, you can fly from Dublin to Luqa (pronounced loo-ha) in the summer season up to 5 days per week and in the winter period this reduces to 3 days per week. The first question on most brides minds however, is not how often can you fly there, but how do you safely get my dress from A to B. How can I make sure that the dress never leaves my sight and how can I minimise creasing? As a former destination bride who had to go through this exact experience, I will outline the options that are available for transporting your wedding dress when travelling with Ryanair.

Purchase a checked bag

No matter how many “Fragile” or “Handle With Care” stickers that you apply to the exterior, do you trust that your luggage will be handled safely and with care? Let’s be honest, are you really going to send your bag into the hold? We will quickly eliminate this as a non-runner. (Moving swiftly along….)

Purchase an additional seat

Many brides prefer this option as their wedding gown never leaves their sight. It is a more costly alternative, particularly in peak season, but it tends to be the safest. It is worth pointing out that you will not be entitled to bring additional hand-luggage for your additional purchased an extra seat. This is only permitted if there is a passenger sitting in the seat.

Pack your dress in your hand-luggage

This option seems scary to many, but honestly, if done correctly, it can work really well. The day before you travel, an assistant from your bridal store will pack your gown into your baggage. It will be packed and wrapped in such a way as to minimise creasing. This bag will stay with you for the duration of your flight. Once you land at your hotel, remove the wedding dress immediately. If you notice that there is some creasing, fill the bath with hot water to create a steamy environment. Hang your dress in the bathroom for a few hours and this should be sufficient to remove any creases.


There are a couples of things to also consider with option 3. Make sure that the dress hanger is not placed in the bag. This may cause alarms to be activated at security prompting them to have to open the bag for searching. Also, Ryanair will no longer allow their non-priority passengers to bring their larger second bag on board. This will be placed directly into the hold. So to ensure that your hand luggage travels with you during the flight, you must ensure to book priority boarding.


Most importantly, Ryanair will not give you the option of hanging your dress for safe keeping in a secure location on board. So to prevent any embarrassment or stress, make the necessary arrangements before you fly.


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