Advice from a Malta Wedding Planner – Planning Your Destination Wedding in Malta

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Advice from a Malta Wedding Planner – Planning Your Destination Wedding in Malta

Malta Wedding Planner, Tara Fitzgerald, is the Owner and Lead Planner at Planned By Tara. She is Ireland’s leading wedding planner specialising in destination weddings in Malta, working with clients worldwide including Ireland, UK and Australia.


Earlier this week, Confetti Magazine released their annual wedding survey results, highlighting that the most popular months to get engaged are November (11%) and December (17%). So it makes sense that December and January are my busiest months for enquiries. Many couples know immediately that a destination wedding is the perfect option for them. However, for newly engaged couples, the prospect of planning a wedding abroad can be daunting. Many simply don’t know where to start.

As a Malta wedding planner, I have in-depth knowledge and expertise of the wedding industry in Malta. So in an effort to help newly engaged couples on their wedding journeys, I have put together this brief guide with everything that you need to know for planning a destination wedding in Malta.


Thankfully, the paperwork process is relatively straight-forward. There is no requirement to have a registry office ceremony in Ireland before you travel. Your marriage in Malta is legally binding. For Church Ceremonies, the Curia in Malta will require you to submit the same documentation as you would if marrying at home. And great news for same-sex couples, in 2017 the Maltese Parliament approved the Marriage Equality Bill legalising same-sex marriages.

You must submit the required documentation to the authorities for review and approval anytime between 3 months to 6 weeks before your wedding date. The paperwork requirements vary per country of residence and will also depend on your marital status (i.e. single, divorced, widowed or annulled). All of the necessary information can be obtained via the Public Registry Website.

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It has never been easier to travel to Malta with flight times ranging from 3 – 4 hours. New routes are being added each season. From Ireland, in the summer season, there are 5 flights per week from Dublin to Malta via Ryanair. For summer 2019, Ryanair have also launched a new route from Cork to Malta, flying twice per week. From various airports throughout the UK, there are direct flights to Malta via Ryanair, Air Malta, Easy Jet, British Airways and Jet2.

Noise Restrictions

Many wedding venues in Malta, particularly those in residential and public places, must cease or reduce outdoor music by 11pm. Some venues have licences allowing them to play into the early hours but be sure to research this prior to selecting a wedding venue.


VAT on wedding services is charged at a rate of 18%. Make sure that you are clear when accepting a quote if VAT is included, excluded or exempt as this can have a big impact to your final costs.


There is excellent value for money to be obtained if you are flexible with your choice of wedding date.  Most venues offer reduced rates for midweek (Monday – Thursday) weddings year round. You can expect to save up to 50% on venue hire rates.Malta wedding planner

Choice of Wedding Venues

For most people when they think of a wedding abroad they visualise a beach wedding. But in Malta, these can be very restrictive and costly for the short duration of service that is available. Most beach ceremonies are only possible in the evenings after the tourists have vacated the area. Most clients that approach me, especially those that have never been to Malta, will not be aware of the various options available.

One of the things that I love most about Malta is the incredible architecture and I love to see this reflected in a clients choice of wedding venue. You can choose to have your wedding in a traditional Castello, a Historic Palazzo or in one of the many luxury hotels or heritage sites in Malta. Most popular with my clients this year are traditional Maltese venues, with beautiful mature gardens and great views of the surrounding countryside.

Wedding Planning

It is reported that the average wedding takes approximately 200-250 hours to plan. This is based on the hours dedicated by a professional wedding planner. Expect to spend longer doing this if you are not a wedding professional and bear in mind that you are likely not to have any information or recommendations for foreign suppliers. The prospect of this alone can be unsettling. This takes me onto my next point….

Malta Wedding Planner

The wedding industry in Malta is booming, with more and more foreign couples travelling to Malta for their destination weddings. There are a huge range of Malta wedding planners now catering for this new expansion in the market. But with so many new planners emerging, take the time to research to make sure that you find the one that is the perfect fit for you.

At Planned By Tara, I offer a completely unique service to my clients. My business model is based on offering complete transparency and visibility. In an industry (particularly across Europe), that profits through commission, I ensure that each of my couples knows the real cost of their wedding. I achieve this through the disclosure of all supplier fees and the use of a fixed planning rate. Many couples that approach me have researched the market and found it difficult to obtain definitive facts. In addition, they have found inconsistencies in the rates quoted. This is why so many couples align with me and my service. Malta fireworks; malta; maltese culture

What Next?

Planning a wedding abroad without the use of a Malta wedding planner is possible of course, but you need to consider the amount of time that this will require. The use of a good wedding planner will save you time, prevent stress and should ultimately save you money through their ability to source suppliers that offer the best value for money.

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Happy Planning!

Tara x

Tara is the only Malta Wedding Planner based in Ireland dedicated to destination weddings in Malta. She is passionate about creating stylish and bespoke events for couples longing for a fun, unique and memorable wedding in the sun. Tara places a great emphasis on quality-led planning and design. She works to source the most beautiful venues and best suppliers to bring your dreams to life.