Planned by Tara

Why Malta


The Perfect Wedding Destination.

The archipelago of Malta is nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean. The typical Mediterranean climate, allows for approximately 3000 hours of sunshine per year, with mild winters and warm summers. The favourable climate is one of the main reasons why Irish couples are flocking to Malta; with outdoor weddings possible almost year round.


The marriage of an Irish couple in Malta is legally binding; therefore there is no requirement to attend a registry office in Ireland. The relatively straightforward paperwork process makes Malta an attractive location for a destination wedding. Whether you are looking to wed in a stately palazzo, a traditional farmhouse, a romantic villa or an impressive castle, Malta has an abundance of unique and exclusive wedding venues to choose from.


So, if you are a seasoned visitor like me or you are soon to embark on your first adventure to the stunning islands, you will find an almost infinite number of attractions to visit. Whether you absorb the historical and cultural delights of Valletta and Mdina or soak up the stunning coastal delights of the Blue Lagoon, Blue Grotto and Golden Bay to name but a few, you and your wedding party are set for a truly memorable adventure at a glorious location.